We recently caught up with our 2017 Foodhall of the Year winners Delifonseca.

Delifonseca lr

Read about their experience and insights to Farm Shop & Deli Awards...

1. How did you feel when you found out you had won?
Ecstatic! We have been lucky enough to be shortlisted before, but to win both the Foodhall of the Year and the Northwest Retailer of the Year was fantastic. There were so many great independent businesses in the awards and competition was tight, so it was a real accolade to win.


2. Why did you enter?
The awards help to promote businesses like ours, so it is important to be involved. Also, aside from the huge amount of free marketing and publicity to tap into, the awards provide novel ways to interact with customers - encouraging them to vote is always a fun ‘competition’ between staff!


3. How has winning helped your business?
It is a real ‘stamp of approval’ and has certainly increased our customer base through the publicity. People feel assured that they are coming to a reputable business with the backing of a national awards body. It is also a great boost to staff morale, knowing their dedication has been recognised.


4. How does Awards like FSD help the industry as a whole?
The awards are a celebration of independent food businesses on a national stage, promoting the hard work these companies do to provide customers with an alternative to big multi-nationals. This in turn supports all the small suppliers and artisan producers, who may otherwise struggle to find outlets for their products.


5. How do you create a winning entry?
Really think about what it is your business brings to the sector and let the passion for what you do shine through! Look at what you do for customers, staff, the local community and the local economy and highlight all your achievements, as well as your plans for the future.


6. How did you get people to vote for you?
Voting slips were all around the shop, with staff encouraged to chat to customers about the awards. Staff even had a competition to see who could get the most votes, tallying votes from customers they talked to! We also had an Ipad available so customers could go to the website.


7. How have your customers reacted to you winning the award?
We have very loyal regulars who were so pleased we won – it was like they had won something themselves (which really they had, as customers are an essential part of a winning team!). We also got a banner made to celebrate and that definitely brought new customers to our door.


8. What advice would you give to those considering entering the awards?
It may take time to put together the award application, but it can actually be really inspiring – we rarely get the time to stop and reflect on our achievements, so collating the information is a wonderful way to bring everything together and encourage you to do even more.


If you have not yet entered, there is still time but hurry as deadline for entries is 30th September. Click on the below link to enter now:

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