Double award winners Veasey & Sons chat to the Farm Shop & Deli Show team

Veasey & Sons was the proud winner of the Fishmonger of the Year Award at the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2016. This was the second time they had won this award and so we chatted to them to find out how they felt when they heard the news and how it has helped their business.




What is so special about the Farm Shop & Deli industry?

This industry represents passion and quality for food and we are no different. We are so happy to be part of a growing industry that really is changing with the times yet adhering to old school values of service and quality.


How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

This being our second time we were more than overjoyed and completely surprised. It was a true honour to win once but we never thought we could win it again. It's a very proud achievement for all the team at Veasey & Sons.


Why did you decide to enter these awards?

We entered because we were really excited to see a category fully dedicated to fishmongers. We think fishmongers are overlooked when it comes to these sorts of competitions. It was great to see an award that celebrates and understands what it takes to be an award winning fishmonger.


How has winning helped your business?

Winning has given us a real boost in the shop with customers and staff. We have got busier and busier and we do put this partly down to increased interest because of the award. We have our awards proudly displayed in the shop and customers often comment on them.


What advice would you give to those considering entering in 2017?

If you have a great product, good service, fantastic product knowledge and passion for what you do then go for it! Who knows you could win your category once or even twice!


You can enter the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2017 before 30th September, just click on the button below:



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