Why did Bondgate Bakery enter the Farm Shop & Deli Awards? 

In April, Bondgate Bakery was announced as the winner of the Baker of the Year category at the Farm Shop & Deli Awards. As we’re on the hunt for entrants for the 2017 awards we chatted to Sally Hinchcliffe to find out why she decided to enter and how she felt when the important announcement was made.




What is so special about the Farm Shop & Deli industry?

You really get to see this as the Farm Shop & Deli Show. There’s always a wide range of businesses displaying their produce and it gives a real buzz to the show and the industry as a whole.


How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

I was absolutely thrilled when Nigel Barden read out our name! We couldn’t have been more pleased and it felt very special to be recognised by such high profile judges.


Why did you decide to enter these awards?

It was a wholesale customer who suggested it to us and we decided to give it a try! We’re not very good at entering awards but are very glad we entered this one and it was worthwhile spending time on it.


How has winning helped your business?

It’s been great for publicity, but also for the staff here who were so happy to know their hard work had really paid off. Our customers were also pleased for us, especially after they’d taken the time to fill in the nomination forms and vote for us. It was fantastic to share the news with the local community.


What advice would you give to those considering entering in 2017?

Go for it, there’s nothing to lose! Also, all the shortlisted nominees were winners in their own way as everyone benefits from being in the spotlight.




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