On Monday 16th April at 2pm expert marketer Karen Fewell, Founder of Digital Blonde, will be taking to the live stage talking about trust, marketing and the free from customer. This is not your average talk about appealing to the free-from market. During the discussion Karen will delve into the psychology of trust covering what it actually means and how it’s gained and lost. It’s going to be a fast-paced session and according to Karen, the insights she plans to share will come in handy for improving relationships with all your customers, not just the free from consumers. In short, it’s set to appeal to anyone in the food & drink industry. 

A unique perspective

We caught up with Karen ahead of her talk and she told us that her own experiences as a free from customer have informed the talk: “Being diagnosed with coeliac disease means I have a lot of experiences, both good and bad, of the gluten free market, in retail and hospitality. I’ll be running through some personal experiences and a few common mistakes and misconceptions that can be all too easily made by food and drink businesses.”

As a regular at farm shops and local markets, with a background in hospitality too, Karen says she understands the challenges food & drink businesses face when it comes to allergens. She hopes this talk will provide practical advice and inspiration, leaving attendees enthused about the free from market and the opportunities it provides. She told us: “Free from customers are extremely loyal and often have a strong influence when it comes to group decisions around where to eat and shop. I personally buy a lot from farm shops and local food markets and when I find something I like, I buy it in bulk. So, if your offering isn’t up to scratch you could really be missing out on some significant sales and long term loyal customers.”


Fusing psychology & marketing

Of course, having a strong free from offering is just the beginning, to make the most of it, you need to successfully market it. Karen’s marketing expertise will help ensure your message really resonates. She is known for fusing psychology and marketing and her advice is always backed up by insights into how the human brain works. This talk will be no different as Karen explains: “Almost all human decisions are actually made subconsciously, which means that our choices are not the logical, rational thought processes we often assume they are. This applies to our food purchasing and consumption decisions – your customers are making quick, emotional decisions, whether they realise it or not. It’s important to recognise this in your sales and marketing strategies and my session will show you how to successfully achieve this."


Can you afford to miss out?

Sessions by Karen are always packed full of the latest marketing stats, trends and advice. So, not only will this talk help you to better market your free from offering, you’ll also come away full of knowledge and insights to improve your overall marketing efforts. Don’t miss it on The Farm Shop & Deli Show Live Stage, Monday 16th April at 2pm.