At the heart of Farm Shop & Deli Show is the wealth of live sessions bringing you demonstrations, advice, industry knowledge and know-how. Be encouraged, entertained and educated, ask questions and be prepared to take many worthwhile notes at Farm Shop & Deli Live. Here’s what just a selection of our amazing experts have to say about what to expect from the main stage.



Richard Fox: A compère beyond compare

Richard Fox

Farm Shop & Deli Live will again be in the safe and expert hands of acclaimed chef, broadcaster and writer, Richard Fox. Known for his passion and industry expertise, Richard will guide audiences through a programme of exciting live sessions and thought-provoking debates.

“I’ve been compèring at the show for a number of years now and I love it! It has a great feeling of camaraderie amongst the exhibitors, visitors and participants, and as such I look forward to it every year and to catching up with people who are now more than just business acquaintances.”

Let Richard make you feel right at home as he introduces you to a bounty of specialist speakers. Here’s just a pick of the proceedings:


DAY ONE – Monday 24th April


Tom and Henry Herbert: Baker brothers extraordinaire

Tom and Henry Herbert cropped

Visitors to the opening day of the show can witness Tom and Henry Herbert as they divulge their trade secrets. The celebrated baker duo will share their success story and the recipe for their moreish sourdough, whilst revealing insightful tips for retailers from their own Hobbs House stores.

"We're looking forward to the smells and tastes of this year's Farm Shop & Deli Show; it really is a unique experience. We love getting to meet so many like-minded people with such a passion for good food and clever, wholesome baking. Come and join us for our session: 'Use your Loaf Master Class' on the main stage at Farm Shop & Deli Live where you can hear our story and harvest our top baking and retail tips. Then hear us discuss how locally sourced produce can increase business in our session, 'Cash in on Local' at the Retailer Hub. We'd love to see you there."

'Use your Loaf Master Class' is at 12:30pm on the main stage and 'Cash in on Local' will follow straight after at 1:45pm at the Retailer Hub.


Nigel Barden: Judging excellence

Nigel cropped

Presenter and Farm Shop & Deli Awards Chair of Judges, Nigel Barden is a stalwart and ardent champion of the show, he says, “It’s huge and cleverly put together. Massively diverse. It’s vibrant, informative, fun!” He has the honour again this year to present the winners of the Farm Shop & Deli Awards.

“It’s a joyous journey visiting the award finalists around the UK and, with the standards being so high, it's the attention to detail that really makes the winners stand out. It'll be a privilege to hand over the accolades at the awards and to witness the look on the winners' faces that clearly illustrates how all their hard work has paid off.”

Nigel will also be accompanied by butcher and 2016 'Farm Shop & Deli Retailer of the Year' winner Arthur Howell for a live interview on the subject of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Join them from 3:15pm at the main stage.


DAY TWO – Tuesday 25th April


Paul Hargreaves: A people person

Paul Hargreaves cropped

Paul Hargreaves, CEO of Cotswold Fayre will show visitors how to harness people power. His session will explore how to build a workplace community, get Millennials onside and empower teams so retailers can hold onto their top talent.

Paul explains: “I hope to empower retailers and producers to go back to their businesses and put new ideas and vision into practice. I find that many businesses within this sector are too insular and could learn a lot from others if only they spent time together. This session is a start to do just that. I guarantee that people will take home at least one good idea that will make their business more profitable.”

We delved deeper into Paul’s plans by asking him a few questions about his session:

Q: Why are you looking forward to speaking at the Farm Shop & Deli Show?

A: The Farm Shop & Deli Show has become one of the key events of the year for specialty food retailers and producers. It is always exciting to pass on my experience of running a company in the sector for nearly two decades to those that are less experienced. There is no point in re-inventing the wheel!


Q: What can people at the show expect from your session?

A: I hope to empower retailers and producers to go back to their businesses and put new ideas and vision into practice. I find that many businesses within the sector are too insular and can learn a lot from others if only they spent time together. This session is a start to doing just that.


Q: What is the No. 1 reason why people should come and listen to your session at the show?

A: To take home at least one good idea that will make their business more profitable!


Join Paul at the main stage at 11:35am.


Nigel Bogle and Duncan Syme: Systematically smart

Nigel Bogle cropped   Duncan Syme cropped

Led by Nigel Bogle, Managing Director of Lakeland Computers and Duncan Syme, Founder of Data Strategy Consulting the session, ‘Building Smarter Systems’ will address the considerations and advantages of introducing smart systems to your business.

Nigel lays out the challenges facing businesses who want to introduce technology systems to their shops:

“One thing we do see an awful lot is people buying into the wrong 'system' to run their business, whether it be a Farm Shop, Deli, Cheesemonger or whatever. There is a huge educational opportunity for someone to point out that not all systems are created equally and that generic solutions no longer 'make the cut' when you start to consider the complexities of running food-retail businesses. (i.e. waste management, hospitality and retail integration, nutritional data, allergens, traceability requirements, and on and on and on...).”

“We've seen so many occurrences of private individuals investing (a lot!!) of money into systems without first doing proper research. The operational impact thereafter can be catastrophic... We started a campaign a little while ago about 'Getting EPOS Right - First Time' and it is still very much on trend.”

“One budget - one chance to spend it wisely... get it wrong and that business just won't have the money to 'have another go'. They will have to live with the consequences of their actions and quite often this is at the start of a business being launched when it needs every bit of help it can get financially to get on its feet properly.”

That’s where Nigel and Duncan’s session comes in. We asked Duncan about how getting it right and avoiding the pitfalls can really help your business.

Q: How can using technology help today’s food retailer?

Duncan: Technology delivers business growth insights swiftly, which then enables actions that will increase revenue - Richer EPOS data (inc. loyalty card data) leads to better understanding of your customer and how they behave when shopping with you. A good system then enables the retailer to use this insight to develop and grow their customers’ spend patterns through targeted campaigns that have relevance to their customers (one size does not fit all!). Technology also saves time in mining data for these insights.


Q: What’s the biggest barrier to implementing technology that you see in the industry?

Duncan: Ironically time prevents technology being implemented - many retailers don't know how they would use the extra information "I haven't got the time to do anything with the data I already have, let alone more!". Cost can also be a concern, so Farm shop retailers can default to the "if it ain't broke, then don't try and fix it" approach. But the retailers who do find the time (or resource) to properly analyse their data gain revenues that out-perform the cost of enhanced systems.

Nigel and Duncan will be joined by Milly Stokes of Farndon Fields Farm Shop and Abbey Jannaway of Newlyns Farm Shop at 3pm at Farm Shop & Deli Live.


DAY THREE – Wednesday 26th April


Charlie Turnbull: Striking gold

Charlie Turnbull

Charlie Turnbull owner of Turnbulls Deli in Dorset will be hosting two sessions; 'Liquid gold – sourcing superb olive oils' and 'How to expand your digital delicatessen'. Both sessions are on the 26th April and, as in previous years, are likely to prove highly popular.

We asked him about his sessions:

Q: Why are you looking forward to speaking at the Farm Shop & Deli Show?

A: Independent retailers need to find quality foods that taste noticeably better to define their offer and pull customers into their shops. Farm Shop & Deli Show is a goldmine for that.


Q: What can people at the show expect from your session?

A: Regarding his olive oil session: It is not enough to have good oils, retailers need to be able to demonstrate it so customers feel the value for themselves and make the purchase. My session focuses on skills that do that.

A: Regarding his E-commerce session: E-commerce has been around for a while but with over 60% of independent food shops having no online offer, most don't see how it can help them. I give a nuts and bolts tour of the opportunities big and small to increase your income and defend against the online competition.


Q: What is the No. 1 reason why people should come and listen to your session at the show?

A: Regarding his olive oil session: It's fun, you'll enjoy it.

A: Regarding his E-commerce session: It's coming - whether you like it or not. Start now in the shallow end of the e-commerce pool and grow it with your business.


Karen Fewell: Engaging everyone

Karen cropped

Also on day three, and well worth the wait, is Karen Fewell’s session, ‘Social Media Marketing – Not Just for Millennials’. As online retailers are becoming more prominent so is the use of digital marketing. Karen explains: “With retailers needing to market to everyone from Millennials to Baby Boomers it can feel overwhelming knowing where to start, which channels to use and what to say. In this session, I’ll be clarifying how different generations behave online and sharing practical insights to grow a customer base and increase online engagement.” Karen is the founder of Digital Blonde, a marketing agency specialising in the food and drink industry, and the Food Marketing School. She is perfectly placed to help food retailers market across the board to all demographics of potential customers.

This session will take place at 12 noon on the main stage at Farm Shop & Deli Live.


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