With ‘local’, ‘fresh’ and ‘artisan’, all being important words to today’s discerning food customer, it comes as no surprise that farm shops and delis are receiving more and more consumer attention. And as the ‘little-often shop’ looks set to overtake the popularity of the weekly ‘big shop’, the more speciality food establishments are in line to benefit.

With this exciting shift in mind, we asked Farm Shop & Deli Show exhibitors what they think attracts customers to a farm shop and, perhaps more importantly, what makes them return?

Here’s what they said:


o It is important to have unique products so that your shop becomes a destination for things that can't be found easily elsewhere.

o In order to make it worth your while, you want to make money on the items, so shelf appeal is key - the product needs to look nice - design and quality packaging can make all the difference in whether a product is chosen by the retailer to stock and ultimately whether the customer chooses to pick it off the shelf.

o A challenge for farm shops is to increase the over-all basket spend of a customer and to make every inch of shelf space work as hard for them as possible - so mixing a variety of priced items through your shop can help.

HomeBrewtique – Brew-Your-Own Craft Beer. Stand E38.


o Convenient rural or semi-rural location with plenty of free parking and set out as a specific retail shop away from the working area of the farm.

o Planned, logical customer flow with quality fixtures including, where applicable, the meat display counter and other refrigerated display equipment plus shop-fittings such as walls/floors/ceilings/lighting to suit the required shop theme (e.g. contemporary, rustic etc).

o A dedicated coffee shop and eatery area with a proper servery counter and sufficient quantity of tables/chairs that is designed to match or complement the farm shop itself.

Watco Systems – Fresh Food Display Systems. Stand J20.


o The premium quality of the products.

o The access to unique local and not so local choices.

o The relationship and trust that they anticipate in the shop. It’s a personal and special experience when you can talk to the owner or manager about the source and wholesome quality of the food. When I created my sauces I did so with exactly the same ethos which my farm shop buyers appreciate, as I build relationships with my customers who love hearing about the story behind my products, my mother’s culinary journey from India, her authentic royal recipes, and my commitment to honestly made food that you can trust.

The Art of Curry. Stand J51.


Farm shop and deli owners like to choose products that reflect their passions – for food, that is often great quality, delicious taste and an interesting story (craftsmanship, heritage etc). This is why Maille mustard is so perfect – with a history that dates back 270 years (including featuring as the official mustard to the European Royal Coursts!) and a renowned reputation for the best tasting mustards due to our expert craftsmanship and carefully selected ingredients, Maille is an easy product to be passionate about. By choosing products they love and believe in, retailers can be confident that their consumers will love and purchase them too!
Maille Boutique. Stand: D60.


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