We all know that having an Alice in Wonderland style label saying “Eat Me” or “Drink Me” just doesn’t cut the mustard. Producers take great care and put hours of thought into their packaging, brand, presentation, story, ingredients, taste, reputation and more to ensure customers pick their products over their competitors’. Learn some clever hints, tips and considerations from a wealth of Farm Shop & Deli Show exhibitors who are getting it right.

We asked them: What convinces retailers to choose some products over others and what makes them pick yours?


Having a really strong USP is essential to securing new listings – A Little Bit’s is the integral role of fresh herbs in every recipe. You also need to be able to convey your brand story effectively to engage with your target audience – so standing out on the shelf is crucial. Then the final but most important step is to knock your prospective customers out with an incredible tasting ‘must stock’ product.
A Little Bit - Dips and Dressings. Stand L68.


We started life as a deli and the main things we looked for when sourcing new products were attractive packaging, excellent customer service and, above all, we sought out products of outstanding taste and quality. We have made these qualities the foundation of our business and we believe that this is why people love our products. We pride ourselves on the taste and quality of our produce, along with how good it looks on the shelf and we always aim to be a company who our stockists enjoy dealing with.
Findlater's Fine Foods. Stand J58.


Retailers care deeply about providing good quality, well-designed products, to keep customers coming back to their store. bio-bean’s Coffee Logs are briquettes made from waste coffee grounds for use in stoves, fires and chimeneas, developed and tested by in-house scientists and engineers in order to ensure high performance and customer satisfaction. Retailers choose Coffee Logs because they burn hotter and for longer than wood, they have a unique back story, and because eye-catching recyclable packaging ensures they stand out from other fuels.
Bio-bean Ltd. Stand M111.


Farm shops and delis like to find unique but on-trend products, plus something a bit different from the supermarkets. Our range is popular with retailers as we have classic treats like peanut brittle and honeycomb, as well as on-trend products like Gin fudge. Our packaging has great shelf stand out, includes a treat for every occasion, and we also provide POS to help retailers with displays.
Buttermilk Artisan Confectionery. Stand H73.

We live in a time where people have access to unprecedented quantities of information and they make purchasing choices based on a wide range of criteria such as origin, quality, usability, environmental impact and naturalness. These characteristics can be considered value for money in the eyes of the consumer and everyone attaches their own weighting to them. The growth of specialty retailers and farm shops is driven by giving customers a different experience in terms of customer service, choice to buy local or to buy something that is unavailable through the mainstream. Marienburg charcoal is a natural product with no additives, harvested by small local suppliers and produced in an economically challenged region of Europe where much-needed jobs are created. In cooking, Marienburg charcoal delivers ease of use, excellent sustained heat and unparalleled taste and flavour. Users are loyal to the Marienburg brand, repeat purchasing is normal and it is a hero product for many shops - attracting consumers over considerable distances who make additional purchases in store. In short Marienburg Charcoal provides a great and relevant point of difference for retailers whilst delivering healthy margins.
Marienburg Charcoal. Stand F100.


We believe it's a combination of multi-spherical depth of quality and calibre of authenticity that can lend that moment of complete 'wow!' when a retailer (simultaneously a consumer) connects with a product. You can then unbolt the door, allowing their imagination to run free, to experience timeless childlike fervour and to see the future foretelling great sales and consumer joy in a lightning bolt of sensory euphoria. Things like brand charisma and clarity of message also come into play... but as they say - you never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Innate Food. Snack Squares. Stand J60.


The retailers are in tough times at the moment and as a result, they are looking to differentiate themselves from their competitors. More recently the lifestyle issue has come to the forefront and people are looking to make choices based on quality, sustainability and taste - price always being an implicit. Our product is different as it is a disruptor and does not follow the traditional format for the ice cream market - we are not promoting green fields and Cornish Cream etc... We are specialists in making a modern and innovative, all natural ice cream.
Northern Bloc. Stand L29.

It’s all about love in our opinion; retailers are ultimately looking for products they feel their customers will love and therefore they will love (as it makes them money!). This is a combination of the quality of the product and the story behind it. The feedback from our stockists is that they get a lot of returning customers who love our spices and teas as well as the fact they are made by hand by a small family company using high-quality raw ingredients.
Spice Kitchen. Stand D45.


The choice of products for retailers is overwhelming and therefore it’s essential for independent brands to be original, unique and have a story behind the product. Inspired by the countryside, Tatty Co. cards combine both original design with traditional technique to offer a beautiful, hand-made product that retailers can be proud to stock. People are often surprised that I use the very traditional craft technique of potato printing to create my designs and this offers a point of difference to other card brands.
Tatty Co. Stand B36.

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