Jenny Smith from Jenny's Jams shares her success story with us




Jenny Smith is a trained chef and has been hand-making her award-winning fruit preserves for over 10 years. But it was when she got chatting with a neighbouring trader at the Brigg Market in Lincolnshire that the idea for her unique Dambusters Beer Chutney was born. She was invited to explore making a chutney using Bomber County Ale from Tom Wood’s Brewery.

Challenge Accepted!

Jenny soon set to work with her key ingredient whilst choosing to use a mix of locally sourced vegetables, along with dried apricots, in her own recipe.

I thought carefully about the chutney and realised that so many recipes feature raisins and sultanas, so I set about creating something really different,” says Jenny.

That first batch was given a firm thumbs up. Jenny went on to sell a bumper number of jars over Christmas and they’ve been flying off the shelves ever since

“It goes extremely well with Cote Hill Yellow Belly cheese, with sausages (Lincolnshire, obviously), and with ham in a sandwich,” says Jenny.

Dambusters Beer Chutney

Did You Know?

The name, ‘Bomber County Ale’, derives from Lincolnshire’s wartime history. By the end of World War Two, the county was home to as many as 45 airfields including that of Squadron 617, aka the Dambusters.

So, the names, ‘Dambuster Beer Chutney’ and ‘Bomber County Ale’ are a reverent salute to the county’s aviation heritage.

Jenny’s Jams can be found at Stand D40.


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