Innate Food founders, Elsa Valentine and Tess Walker believe that food is a combination of art, science and maths. With a vision for putting health back into snack foods, they’ve developed a range of colourful snack squares that are not only good for you but taste good too.


Air-dried Blends of Flavour

Something akin to a clever cracker, there are three distinctive flavour combinations available in 28g packets:


Butternut Squares   The Butternut Squash Squares boast a crunchy, air-dried blend of butternut squash, onion, pepper, coconut, almond, lemon, garlic and spices.
Beetroot squares   The Beetroot Squares combine beetroot with onion, red pepper, coconut, almond, garlic with select herbs and spices.
Spinach and coconut squares   The Spinach & Coconut Squares contain spinach, onion, pepper, coconut, lemon, garlic and an accent of nutmeg.


Thoughtful Goodness

A good deal of thought has gone into their snacks which are:

o Nutritionally balanced
o Full of slow release energy
o Free from gluten
o Free from grains
o Free from soy
o Free from dairy
o Free from refined sugar.
o Paleo friendly and vegan.


Synergy on Horseback

Elsa and Tess met on the idyllic South Island of New Zealand at a remote high country lodge. Elsa says, “We pretty soon discovered whilst horse riding in the mountains that we had a great affinity - sharing a mutual passion for adventure and a deep fascination with food, health and well-being. I moved back to the UK to embark on the Innate venture and then asked Tess if she'd be interested in moving over to work with me. We share a similar perspective upon relevant matters and knew we'd have tremendous fun working together.”


Art, Science and Maths – all in one bite!

“We believe food is conceived through imagination and then created by means of a harmonic marriage of art and maths, as per nature's pattern. We utilise the golden ratio (maths) and deeply consider the biological implications and nutritional properties of our products (science) in order to create edible art.”


Making the Impossible Possible

Innate Food’s logo features the mathematical Penrose tiling pattern, which represents, as Penrose himself put it: “impossibility in its purest form". Elsa says, “It is often considered a paradoxical notion for food to both serve your health and taste remarkable… We found it befitting.”

Find them at Stand J60.


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