Charlie Turnbull shares his thoughts on diversifying with digital


If you ever thought that online retail was just for the ‘big boys’ then think again as at the Farm Shop & Deli Show on 20th April Charlie Turnbull will explain your digital options. In this session, he’ll show you a wide range of online opportunities which can help you keep up with your customers and turn clicks into new revenue.

Here’s five little insights from Charlie which he will talk more about in his session:

1. Everyone talks about how businesses need to be online and make it sound so straightforward but there’s more to think about than the technology. You need to consider how online sales will impact your customer service and whether you can meet demands in terms of safe and quick distribution. Websites these days are much more expensive, especially one that needs to be able to take payments and have ordering functionality as well as sync with your back office systems. There’s more to it than putting up product descriptions, photos and a shopping cart and I’ll be sharing more insight on this in my talk.

2. With so many farm shops and delis in the UK, not all of them are going to be successful nationally so think about your local customers and how you can provide a more convenient way of them purchasing your products.

3. Ensure your websites are user-friendly, responsive for hand-held devices, practical and kept up-to-date. I see so many websites where someone has spent a great deal of time and money in setting up a website and then it’s left abandoned and isn’t updated. This can be so frustrating for your customers if they are trying to find information.

4. Think about the age of your customer. If the majority of your customers are aged between 45 and 60 then many of them will be on Facebook, but not all of them will use Twitter. Concentrate your digital marketing effort on where your customers have the opportunity to see your content. Instagram and Pinterest are great for showcasing products, as they are all about images, and farm shops have some amazing photography to share.

5. Finally, remember you are retailers, and everything you are doing needs to be about selling products. Don’t get bogged down with the technology. As retailers you know what it takes to sell your products and this is what you must be focusing on throughout your marketing activity. Drive football through your website in the same way as you would through the front door of your shop.

You can find out more from diversifying with digital by registering to attend the Farm Shop & Deli show on Wednesday 20th April. Charlie is also talking about cutting edge charcuterie on the same day which will be a fascinating talk around how you assemble an eye-catching charcuterie counter that has customers hungry for more.