Sales at first sight.

We are really looking forward to hearing from Eve Reid from the Metamorphis Group speaking about ‘Sales at first sight’ at the Farm Shop & Deli Show on Monday 18th April 2016.

Ahead of the show we’ve been chatting to Eve to get some insight into what she will be talking about and sharing just some of the advice she will explain more on at the event.

Select your product

The most effective way to market your business is to sell more to existing customers as gaining new customers can take much more time and effort. However, to continue to sell to existing customers you need to give them a reason to come back and you need to keep them on their toes and get them feeling excited about what you have to offer. Your windows and shop floor are there to help you to push different products throughout the year. The important thing is that you give yourself time to think about what products you want to push, when you want to push them and where to place them.

Find inspiration

It’s not just about one great window or display. It’s about keeping the momentum going and creating fabulous windows each and every time! To create fantastic displays and keep your windows looking fresh takes creativity and innovation.

Sometimes the ideas will just come, but others times you will need to actively seek inspiration. This means stepping outside and taking a look around!

Choose a theme

Your window and internal displays will benefit from a theme and this will help to focus your customer’s attention on the products.

It is crucial that the story or theme speaks to your customers, tapping into their thoughts and desires in order to create an emotional connection to the product.

The primary source of thematic inspiration for the theme should start with the product itself, taking its cue from the style, purpose, provenance, quality or benefits of the products and drawing upon the visual language of the products themselves.

Pick a colour palette

When it comes to selecting what colours and colour techniques you want to use there are two things to consider:

• The time of year; different colours can be used at different times of the year to project seasonality, to reflect current trends or to create different moods.
• The theme; certain colours associated with your theme and/or products.

Develop a strong message

Word and graphic images can also be used as part of your display to strengthen the visual impact and clarifying the offer or theme. Don’t shy away from using words and messages within your displays even though the message is sometimes one of the most challenging things to get right!

The purpose of your message can be one of five things:

• To Inform - to identify sale products or highlight new items
• To Sell - to points out the benefits and tell customers the price
• To Educate - to explain the feature and benefits and/or teach how a product can be used
• To Entertain - to amuse and build rapport with the customers by making them smile, laugh, think or all three!
• To Emotionalise - to forge an emotional connection with the customer, pull at the customers’ heart strings by tapping into nostalgia, hopefulness, optimism, and/or using evocative images or concepts to trigger an emotional response

When thinking of a message you need to:
• Keep it simple with just a few words
• Make it relevant
• Show your personality (don’t be afraid to use humour... people love to laugh!)
• Talk your user’s language
• Pick an appropriate font style and colour

Remember retail is detail

When implementing your windows or displays you must remember that ‘Retail is Detail’. This is the customers first impression of you and can make or break their desire to visit. Think about every detail, pricing, lighting and check it every day! Keep it clean and make sure all products in it are in stock.