Rhug Farm Shop lr

Back in April we were proud to crown Rhug Farm Shop as the regional winner for Wales. Since winning the award, we’ve been chatting to general manager, Graham Webster to find out what happened when they returned to Wales with this prestigious title.


How did you feel when Nigel Barden called your name out as a Farm Shop & Deli Award winner?

The whole team were thrilled when Nigel announced we had won the regional prize for Wales. We are so proud of what we do here in North Wales, supporting our local community and businesses, so it was nice to be recognised with the award. This is the second time we have won it in three years.


How did you celebrate the win when you got back to your local community?

We celebrated our win with champagne and cakes in with the entire team.


How have you used the win to create local PR and interest around your business?

Our win was posted on our social media as soon as the award was announced and within minutes it had featured on several Welsh online media and radio stations. BBC Cymru interviewed my shop supervisor a few days later and we had several papers run a feature on our award.


What does it take to create a winning award entry?

To win the award we just keep trying to get better at what we do. Having a passionate and dedicated team is crucial too.


What makes the farm shop and deli industry so special?

It is the only award specifically for our type of business and is run by people with an understanding of what we all have to do to survive and thrive in this current economic climate. This uncertainty makes the awards very pertinent.


Why would you recommend food retailers enter these awards?

I would recommend it as the entry stage alone makes you question what you are doing in your own business, and more specifically what you are improving and changing, which is always a good thing to do. It also generates some excitement amongst the team and gives us all something to look forward to when we visit the show. All awards are good for business in challenging us all to keep getting better – but this one is by far the most important in our industry.


Interested in entering?

Entries close Friday 21st September and you can enter here.