A Healthy Appetite

These days consumers are more aware of health and nutritional issues than ever before. Whether it’s the benefits of fermented foods or clean eating, there’s a real buzz around health and eating well. We caught up with some of The Farm Shop & Deli Show’s exhibitors to discuss the latest healthy trends and products.

What’s trending in health?

Family run artisanal spice and tea company, Spice Kitchen (stand: D60), were keen to highlight the excitement currently surrounding turmeric. They felt that the health benefits of turmeric had very much been in the public sphere over the last 12 months, raising its profile with consumers. According to Spice Kitchen, this has led to more and more people consuming it in food and drink related products.

Honey and bee pollen are going to be big in the health and wellness sector according to Miod Raw Honey (Stand: E110). They told us about how honey is a great source of energy and vitamins, not to mention the bees digestive enzymes and all the biomatter that come with it. While pollen, on the other hand, is full of natural plant-based proteins and fats. According to the Miod Raw Honey team, it’s a perfect source of nutrients for the body.  Also, eager to highlight honey’s health benefits were the Hilltop Honey (Stand: G130) team, who pointed towards recent reports showing a rise in honey usage per household over the past couple of years. In particular, Manuka honey is continuing to grow in popularity. That’s why Hilltop Honey have recently launched a new range of Manuka honeys available in varying strengths of 5+, 10+ and 15+.

The team at The Protein Ball Co (Stand: N91G) told us how veganism and gluten free are still the key trends in the healthy food and drink markets. According to them “It’s all about sustainable foods and providing products that suit everyone’s taste, health and lifestyle”. They’re answering this trend with the launch of two new vegan flavours of protein ball made with plant based protein.

The team at Tideford Organic Foods (Stand: G71) told us about FODMAPs – these are carbohydrates and sugars found in some popular foods that researchers now believe are responsible for many of the symptoms of IBS. Tideford’s latest Vitamin C packed soup recipe is especially designed to contain only low-FODMAP ingredients, it’s a Tomato and Basil Soup with Red Peppers and Miso. The team at GlutenFreegan Ltd (Stand: E106), whose gluten free and vegan baking mixes are all FODMAP friendly, added that “More and more people are realising that they don't need to put up with IBS symptoms and many are finding that following the FODMAP diet is offering relief. Choosing a wheat-free and FODMAP friendly diet is giving many people their lives back.”

Communicating health

What’s the best way to talk about health and wellness with consumers? Our exhibitors gave their advice on some of the key messages to deliver:

“Eat well and often. Do not save money on quality food as it keeps you healthy” - Miod Raw Honey

“I think we all should embrace a balanced diet, enjoy the food we eat, get creative with our recipes and have fun eating food!” – Hill Top Honey

“Ingredients and allergen information are the most important information to communicate to consumers as it allows them to make the decisions on what goes in their bodies for themselves” – GlutenFreegan Ltd

Healthy discoveries

There’s a whole host of exhibitors dedicated to helping you meet and make the most of the latest health and wellness trends at The Farm Shop and Deli Show – Select the ‘Health / Nutrition’ category on the exhibitors page to explore the full list.