Catch up with Cheesemonger and North West 2016 winner, The Courtyard Dairy

After winning the double at the Farm Shop and Deli Show we caught up with Cheesemonger of the Year and North West region winner, Andy Swinscoe, to find out why he decided to enter these awards.


Andrew Swinscoe from The Courtard Dairy collecting both Cheesemonger of the Year and North West regional awards


What is so special about the Farm Shop & Deli industry?

It’s a great industry to be in. The products we work with are fantastic – not only tasting amazing, but the people who make them also have an identity too. For that reason, they are great to work with and build a relationship with. It’s nice to sell stuff that tastes good but you also have personal connection to as well.


How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

Absolutely fantastic – winning the award was a brilliant achievement. I was really proud that we’d be recognised for our contribution towards great cheese and supporting small-scale unpasteurised cheesemaking!


Why did you decide to enter these awards?

We felt that everything we were doing was right. We were championing proper farm-made cheese, getting behind small-scale suppliers and helping them develop new and exciting cheeses, giving great service. So we were really happy with the business and what we were achieving and that meant we felt we could go for it. It also helped that lots of our peers and suppliers told us to enter this year.


How has winning helped your business?

All our regulars were extremely happy for us and it got us a lot of press locally which has increased visitor numbers. It also gives us and the staff more confidence in that what we are doing is right!


What advice would you give to those considering entering?

Go for it! The key is to get across what makes your place so special and different – thankfully the judges saw this in us.


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