Business is booming for Billingtons following Farm Shop & Deli Awards win

Mark and Sue Billlington of Billingtons of Lenzie were absolutely delighted to win the Scotland Retailer of the Year Award at the Farm Shop and Deli Show. We wanted to know how business has been since their win and chatted to them about the experience.


Mark Billington, Billingtons of Lenzie, collecting the Farm Shop & Deli regional winner - Scotland award


What is so special about the Farm Shop & Deli industry?

The Farm Shop & Deli industry brings another dimension to everyday supermarket products, you'll find an array of artisan and small independent producers. Many items never see the supermarket shelves.


How did you feel when you found out you had won the award?

We were overjoyed, our team work tirelessly to ensure we offer the best in Deli produce, and give so much to our customers. It was such an achievement and a great morale boaster for all the team to win.


Why did you decide to enter these awards?

We have followed the awards for a few years and thought we stood as good a chance as any to be shortlisted.


How has winning helped your business?

We had lots of media and social media coverage on winning the award, it's given our Deli a better profile and we have witnessed an upturn in sales on the back of the award.


What advice would you give to those considering entering in 2017?

The only advice we would give is that anyone entering, has as much chance of winning as anyone else and you have nothing to lose but loads to gain.


If you’d like to have a chance of winning the 2017 Farm Shop & Deli Awards there’s still time to enter.  



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