People are changing the way they shop and the opportunity has never been stronger for farm shops and independents. But how do we make the most of the opportunity? Can independents really offer shoppers a viable alternative over the supermarkets, especially at a time when value is high on the consumer’s agenda?

The answer lies in offering shoppers something different, rather than trying to compete with supermarkets. Shoppers have always counted on farm shops and delis to represent quality and choice. In many ways speciality stores offer everything that supermarkets don’t or can’t. Theatre, community, individuality and delicious local, artisan or homemade products. Offering your shoppers what they need, only better than what they can find in the supermarkets, is key. Take frozen foods. The combination of innovation, focus on taste and quality, coupled with the convenience factor, makes premium frozen foods really appealing to the modern shopper. Having a well thought through fine frozen offering is a must-have for retailers.

Shoppers love browsing and filling their baskets with interesting new flavours and ideas. They view frozen as good value and with the naturally long self-life there’s no need to worry about use by dates, availability or seasonality. In turn, this leads to shoppers often being more open to trying new products or adding a little extra to their baskets. Even more so with a flexible concept such as FIELDFARE’s loose and individually portioned frozen foods. Shoppers can pick and choose as much or as little they like. From simply sampling something new to personalised portions for everyone in the household, the unique concept offers theatre and excitement.


For the retailer, it may look like a big step to add fine frozen to their range but it need not be. Suppliers such as Fieldfare, work closely with customers on an ongoing basis to create an engaging offer that it is a fantastic and worthwhile way to service the contemporary shopper.

Adapting your offer to tap into the premium frozen opportunity can look like a big challenge but it need not be. Here are some top tips from Fieldfare’s experienced team:

• Really get to know your shopper. Ask them what they want to see in your shop. Just chat to them at the till or set up a suggestions box.

• Make sure you have a good balance of special treat and everyday products.

• Save costs and consider changing some of your chillers to freezers – we have evidence that our chest freezers are more energy efficient than chillers, use only 3.3 kwh of energy per day, and the long shelf life of frozen helps to save on food waste.

• Chose suppliers that will work with you on an ongoing basis to help you to optimise your range and drive sales.

• It is also a good idea to check what in-store branding and external marketing support supplier will offer, including advertising, social media and more

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