New dairy brand, The Yorkshire Creamery, part of Wensleydale Dairy Products Ltd, has announced the addition of Yorkshire Butter to its product line up, joining an award-winning range of Yorkshire cheeses.

Yorkshire Creamery Butter Scone and Pack cropped  Yorkshire Creamery Butter Toast and Pack cropped

The Yorkshire Creamery brand launched in October 2019 with the aim of taking a stand against bland, championing exceptional quality and traditional recipes to make dairy products that ‘taste like they ought to’. It plans on doing this through great tasting, award-winning products combined with lots of personality.

The distinctively rich and creamy Yorkshire Butter is the latest product to launch under The Yorkshire Creamery brand. The butter is made using cream that has been specially selected from local Yorkshire farms, which is batch churned and salted for a real depth of flavour and unique texture.

The new Yorkshire Butter packaging will feature The Yorkshire Creamery’s iconic cow logo, which embodies the brand’s recognisable cheeky personality and proudly states the ‘made with cream from local farms’ messaging which makes Yorkshire Butter so unique.

The Butter will join the Creamery’s range of award-winning cheeses launched to disrupt a crowded cheese category with products that are full of strength and character. The cheeses are made with milk from local farms and crafted by the experienced cheese experts at The Yorkshire Creamery. The range includes; Extra Mature Yorkshire Cheddar, Yorkshire Red and Double Yorkshire.

Sandra Bell, Marketing Manager of The Yorkshire Creamery, explains: “We are delighted to announce the addition of Yorkshire Butter to The Yorkshire Creamery’s product portfolio of trusted dairy products. It’s our mission to take a stand against bland and bring consumers a butter with a true taste of Yorkshire, supporting local family farms and strengthening our proud Yorkshire credentials”.

The new Yorkshire Butter brand will launch in selected Tesco and Waitrose stores across Yorkshire, Humber and the North East week commencing 20th April, along with Independent retailers through its Wholesale customers.

It will also be available for home delivery on the Wensleydale Creamery’s online deli mail order offering here:

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