Farm Shop & Deli Show sponsors 2019

Meet our 2019 Award sponsors:

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Garofalo is an Italian company specialising in the production of Pasta.

Based in Gragnano in the province of Naples, the company was founded in 1789 and since then Garofalo has been synonymous with excellence. So much so that books and magazines refer to “high quality pasta” as Garofalo-type pasta.

Today, Garofalo combines artisan tradition, modern technology and a sound philosophy of production to produce premium quality pasta, carefully controlled at every aspect of the process until the final result is what we consider the absolute best pasta.

Garofalo present its premium product in transparent packaging, making it instantly recognisable on the shelf with the philosophy there is nothing to hide and everything to share.
Garofalo pasta is widely available throughout the UK from your local wholesaler.

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